Teaching is something that excites me, as I enjoy working with students, and I find that classroom discussions often lead to promising research questions. Across three universities, I have independently taught six introductory and advanced undergraduate courses. As a graduate instructor at the University at Buffalo (SUNY), I taught constitutional law, civil liberties, and the American presidency. While an adjunct instructor at SUNY Buffalo State College, I taught large lecture-style classes covering introductory topics in American and comparative politics. At WashU, I twice led a semester-long teaching pedagogy workshop for undergraduate teaching assistants, who were charged with leading recitation sections for Prof. Andrew Reeves' Introduction to American Politics lecture. Finally, I have TA'd for 15 different courses across public law/judicial politics, American politics, and methods. For a summary of my WashU teaching evaluations, please visit the following link: Summary

Courses as Primary Instructor

Washington University in St. Louis

  • PS 419: Teaching Assistant Practicum (Fall 2015, Fall 2016)

University at Buffalo, SUNY

  • PSC 301: Cases in Civil Liberties (Summer 2011)
  • PSC 303: Constitutional Law (Summer 2013)
  • PSC 306: The American Presidency (Summer 2012)

Buffalo State College, SUNY

  • PSC 101: Introduction to Government and Politics (Spring 2013)
  • PSC 102: Introduction to American Politics (Spring 2013)

Guest Lecturer

Washington University in St. Louis

  • PS 101: Introduction to American Politics
  • PS 3441: Defendants’ Rights

University at Buffalo, SUNY

  • PSC 215: Law and the Political Process

Courses as Teaching Assistant

  • PS 101: Introduction to American Politics (Andrew Reeves) – Fall 2015, Fall 2016
  • PS 3431: Constitutional Law (Lee Epstein) – Spring 2015
  • PS 3441: Defendants’ Rights (Jim Spriggs) – Spring 2017
  • PS 3510: Topics in American Politics: The Supreme Court (Jim Spriggs) – Fall 2014

University at Buffalo, SUNY

  • Introduction to American Politics (Josh Dyck)
  • Law and the Political Process (Stephen Halpern)
  • Cases in Civil Liberties (Stephen Halpern)
  • Protecting Civil Liberties (Charles Lamb)
  • Constitutional Law (Christy Boyd)
  • Judicial Politics (Christy Boyd)
  • State Politics (Josh Dyck)
  • Advanced Civil Liberties (Charles Lamb)
  • Supreme Court Seminar (Christy Boyd)
  • Basic Statistics for Social Science (Michelle Benson)
  • Pre-Law Honors Seminar (Stephen Halpern)

Please contact me for any syllabi. Unfortunately, I only have course evaluations available for my Washington University teaching assistant experience. The University at Buffalo did not collect teaching evaluations for graduate instructors during summer terms. SUNY Buffalo State College utilized paper evaluations in spring 2013, but they have recently transitioned to an online-only system.