I am most passionate about researching law and courts, primarily in the American politics subfield, but also in comparative contexts. While my dissertation focuses on opinion writing in U.S. federal courts, I have many other judicial related interests, including legal doctrine/precedent treatment, agenda setting, and judicial confirmation politics. Aside from these particular interests, I am involved in various other projects studying the American president, judicial independence, and mass opinion/polarization.

My curriculum vitae is available here: CV

My Google Scholar profile is available at the following link: Google Scholar

Refereed Articles

Boston, Joshua. “Strategic Opinion Language on the U.S. Courts of Appeals.” Accepted for publication at Journal of Law & Courts. Abstract

Neiheisel, Jacob R., Charles M. Lamb & Joshua Boston. “Presidential Rhetoric and Bureaucratic Enforcement: Evidence from Bill Clinton’s Administration.” Accepted for publication at Political Science Quarterly. Abstract

Boston, Joshua, Jonathan Homola, Betsy Sinclair, Michelle Torres, & Patrick Tucker. 2018. “The Dynamic Relationship between Personality Stability and Political Attitudes.” Public Opinion Quarterly. Article

Other Publications

Mann, Christopher B., Gayle A. Alberda, Nathaniel A. Birkhead, Yu Ouyang, Chloe Singer, Charles Stewart, Michael C. Herron, Emily Beaulieu, Frederick Boehmke, Joshua Boston, Francisco Cantu, Rachael Cobb, David Darmofal, Thomas C. Ellington, Charles J. Finocchiaro, Michael Gilbert, Victor Haynes, Brian Janssen, David Kimball, Charles Kromkowski, Elena Llaudet, Matthew R. Miles, David Miller, Lindsay Nielson, Costas Panagopoulos, Andrew Reeves, Min Hee Seo, Haley Simmons, Corwin Smidt, Robert Stein, Rachel VanSickle-Ward, Abby K. Wood & Julie Wronski. 2018. “Pedagogical Value of Polling-Place Observation by Students.” PS: Political Science & Politics. Article

Working Papers

Lamb, Charles M., Joshua Boston, & Jacob R. Neiheisel. “Power Plus Persuasion: The Anatomy of Kennedy’s Housing Order.” Invited to revise & resubmit. Abstract

Boston, Joshua, David Carlson & JB Duck-Mayr. “Political Competition and Judicial Independence: How Courts Fill the Void When Legislatures Are Ineffective.” Under Review. Abstract

Boston, Joshua, Jonathan Homola, Betsy Sinclair, Michelle Torres, & Patrick Tucker. “Casualties of the Culture Wars: Lifestyle Differences Between Democrats and Republicans.” Abstract

Boston, Joshua. “Varieties of Capitalism and Intellectual Property Institutions: Are differences in patent dispute resolutions a byproduct of economic features?” Abstract

Boston, Joshua. “Strategic Deference by the European Court of Justice: Understanding Economic Influences on Judicial Decision-Making.” Abstract

Boston, Joshua, Matt Chick & Nicholas Waterbury. “Supreme Court Agenda Setting and Precedent Influence.”


All of my research -- including my dissertation -- is made better by my colleagues and co-authors. I hope you will take some time to check out some of their websites, which I am including here. I am currently working on research projects with Betsy Sinclair, Charles Lamb, Jacob Neiheisel, Patrick Tucker, Jonathan Homola, S. Michelle Torres Pacheco, Dave Carlson, Matt Chick, JBrandon Duck-Mayr, and Nick Waterbury.

Replication files for my published works are available upon request. Please feel free to email me: jboston@wustl.edu