About Me

My name is Joshua Boston, and I am an assistant professor in the Bowling Green State University political science department. My research focuses on American political institutions, with a strong emphasis on judicial politics. I have additional interests in questions that study separation of powers, the American presidency, and comparative courts. I earned my Ph.D. in political science at Washington University in St. Louis. Previously, I attended the University at Buffalo (SUNY) where I earned an M.A. in political science and B.A. in legal studies (summa cum laude, ΦΒΚ).

Research Interests

My primary interests are related to law & courts. Much of my research focuses on the language judges choose to resolve disputes. In this vein, I have several articles examining the the causes and consequences of judges' opinion writing on U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals. I have new projects examining how scandals affect indiviual evaluationso of judicial institutions and actors. Additionally, I am interested in questions regarding legal doctrine/precedent treatment, agenda setting, and judicial confirmation politics. Aside from these particular interests, I am involved in various other projects studying the American president, comparative courts, and mass opinion/polarization.


Teaching is something that excites me! I enjoy working with students and make myself as available as possible to them. I find that classroom discussions often lead to promising research questions both for myself and my students. I enjoy teaching introductory and advanced courses across American politics topics, with a strong focus on law & courts.